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we have worked with most streaming talk shows, stations, syndicators and networks through our long term media history. they have learned to trust whc to help make the most of their streaming efforts. they sell us unplaced inventory at heavily discounted prices. we in turn share those savings and hundreds of commercials with the group. with the surge in cell phone and audio devices used for radio entertainment itís no surprise the streaming audience is growing by leaps and bounds. itís just a matter of time before streaming prices begin to rise. now is the time to establish your brand with the streaming world.

when you join the media bundle your commercial will air on a wide variety of established and respected shows and networks. although they are varied in format and themes they all share one thing: their fans are loyal to the shows and the advertisers that support them. thatís why we include them in the media bundle. we add shows regularly, so the media bundle network grows almost every month. the shows run a broad spectrum with something for most everyone. music shows of all types, religious shows, talk shows, conservative and progressive. mainstream shows and offbeat shows. shows that inform and shows that entertain. no matter what shows youíre part of youíll be reaching potential new customers when theyíre emotionally connected!

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