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The Tapon Media Bundles

The Media Bundle is the answer to your search for a bigger national customer base. It provides you the reach you seek to find more customers. It gives you the frequency you need to brand your product or service and have you at the top of mind with them. Best of all, it doesn’t break your budget.

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America's 1st black owned and operated Mix Music Network Special Advertising Offer: "Grow with the Network Rate." Unbelievably low so call us for it... Many Broadcast Affiliates! Run your: Block programs or 30s or :60s spots Listen to today's show here Contact: for rates and information or call 908-941-7422 Our Rates are sold in 3 classes IBC Rate – Highest Value Client House Rate – Medium Value Customer Rate – Lowest Value Or you can inquire about our Media Bundles, purchased by Shares

Q.Added Value:

In addition to your commercials airing hundreds of times on your selected venues you will receive 50,000 impressions with a banner ad on Talk Stream Live site or our mobile app.

Q.How many networks/shows and commercials do I receive?

The number of shares purchased (see above) by the client determines the total number of shows/networks shared. While spot levels may vary depending on the week, the network, and the available inventory each advertiser generally receives hundreds of streaming audio spots.


When you join the Media Bundle your commercial will air on a wide variety of established and respected shows and networks. Although they are varied in format and themes they all share one thing: their fans are loyal to the shows and the advertisers that support them. That’s why we include them in the Media Bundle. We add shows regularly, so the Media Bundle network grows almost every month. The shows run a broad spectrum with something for most everyone. Music shows of all types, Religious Shows, Talk shows, Conservative and Progressive. Mainstream shows and offbeat shows. Shows that inform and shows that entertain. No matter what shows you’re part of you’ll be reaching potential new customers when they’re emotionally connected!

Here’s how it works:

When you join the Media Bundle you become a member of a group that purchases real power across multiple streaming shows and networks for one month. One share in the group is $500. That share places you in 5 shows or networks: 30 or: 60 will then air hundreds of times over those shows, reaching new customers who will hear your message many times over. If you want more reach, two shares places you on 10 shows or networks and three shares on 15. Four shares places you with all available, 20 or more shows/networks. Five shares includes you on all available networks and a major podcast sponsorship.

Q.Added Value:

In addition to your commercials airing hundreds of times on your selected venues you will receive 50,000 impressions with a banner ad on Talk Stream Live site or our mobile app.

Q.Why is the price so low?

We have worked with most streaming talk shows, stations, syndicators and networks through our long term media history. They have learned to trust WHC to help make the most of their streaming efforts. They sell us unplaced inventory at heavily discounted prices. We in turn share those savings and hundreds of commercials with the group. With the surge in cell phone and audio devices used for radio entertainment it’s no surprise the streaming audience is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s just a matter of time before streaming prices begin to rise. Now is the time to establish your brand with the streaming world.

Q.Do I receive proof of performance?

Unfortunately, for the audio portions, no. If we had to reconcile invoices for thousands of spots for each member we simply could not offer the deal at this price. We do however provide air checks as a courtesy upon request.

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